• The Hobos
BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER” an open invitation to reawaken through pure music and not just through an environment of dead habit of “mere entertainment”. Apprehensive about being “labelled”, or categorized; nevertheless “The Hobos” are a progressive/ experimental act.
The Band, Inspired by Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, The Doors, etc. are working on originals. And original experiments they are, by infusing raga and a number of Indian sounds in some of their songs. With this the band aims to expand acceptance of unique sounds in the minds of the curious and absorbing audience, induce hedonism, and most importantly aspire and strive to be their shaman for musical explorations and further… The Hobos are non-challantly and unapologetically Indian, consciously innovating with the oriental sounds and shlokas to make them palatable to the music lovers today, retaining the pure essence of heavy metal in the final compositions. They truly believe that musical inclinations are transcendental of time space and languages. Not just belief there is concrete proof of their success. The band has proved their mettle by bagging prizes for best drummer, guitarist and vocalist along with winning credible audience appreciation and repute for their original scores and high energy live gigs.
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