• The Incredible MindFunk

The Incredible MindFunk was formed in October 2011. Since then , we’ve been performing extensively within the Delhi circuit.

With influences ranging from Funk/Jazz to Psychedelic Rock and a whole lot of noisy stuff in between ,our music tries to reflect the whimsical inner workings of a human mind.
Vocals - Amira Gill 
Blessed with a voice awesome enough to end dictatorships in the Middle East, a fully functional body clock AND a bedtime to go with it. 
She’s the one reason the band seems sane enough to be allowed in public.
Effortlessly dumbfounding you with soaring melodies and conjuring up vocal lines that REFUSE to get out of your head. 
Guitars – Siddhant Agarwal
Every band has ‘That One Jackass’, socially inept, scares the parents away, dreams of robbing KFC with Chewbacca (you know the type). Though he seems to fit in(somehow), producing some truly mind warping Progressive and Psychedelic sounds, add a cubic buttload of Funk , throw in a pinch of shred and you have a guy twisted enough to establish his dominion over a ballpool full of somalian midgets.
Bass - Amar Pandey
Our very own Clark Kent on happy juice (yes his smile is infectious),’Dr P’ and his pearly white mistress always seem to have that perfect solution . Constantly bombarding the jam room with his illegally cool and groovy bass lines mixed in with a solid sense of melody, making him cool enough to chill with YOUR alcoholic dad.
Drums -Karan Malik
He’s probably the only drummer cool enough to go and lecture the entire band on EQ , fix it and then point and laugh . Blessed with a mouth that puts pirates to shame, he is infamous for his rock steady grooves, blistering metal chops and for being as loud as a roomful of rednecks on moonshine.
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