• Meghdhanush

Meghdhanush is an Indian Fusion-Rock band formed in Ahmedabad in December 2009, who are widely recognised for their Hindi & Gujarati Fusions and unique covers. They are one of Gujarat's foremost band, a band led by Jainam Modi and Karan Patel. Their signature lies in a contemporary yet rooted sound which connects with the youth and the old.  


Meghdhanush (meaning: Rainbow in Hindi), the name Meghdhanush describes theirs style of experimenting with different genres of music as they believe that different colours of the rainbow represent different emotions, their music does the same.


The band is known for unique cover songs released as singles such as “Shaktiman” (Title Track of the Famous Hindi TV Series of 90s on Doordanshan) and “Lollipop” (Famous Bhojpuri Song). It released its debut album “Mijlas” in 2017 and its acclaimed EP “Folk Rang by Meghdhanush” in 2018.



Band Members

  • Jainam Modi – Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Karan Patel – Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Priyesh Mehta – Drums, Percussions, Backing Vocals
  • Ishrat Kalavant – Vocals 
  • Sani Shah – Vocals 
  • Issac Christain – Lead Guitar




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