• The National Beats

The National Beats, an Indian Pop-Rock Band, is made up of a talented team of creative musicians. Based in Kolkata (India), they have a storied history of live performances, musical arrangements, and professional recording sessions. They pride themselves on their original tracks and musical versatility, breaking boundaries with their unique songs.

They primarily write and produce songs in two languages, Bengali and Hindi. But also they are passively working on films so language is not a barrier for them. The band was originally created in the year 2014 by their lead Composer and Singer "Manna" with lead Guitarist "Subha" and manager n photographer "Saubhik" and eventually "Saon" in Bass guitar and "Joydeb" in Drums joined the band. On 28th September 2014 they 1st released their Bengali EP album "Road Side Garden" and received very positive review from the audience and the radio industry as well. "Road Side Garden" is more like a pilot album. They were trying to understand the music industry at that time. After their 1st album they again came back with two more songs in 2016. They brought two hindi song called "Jaan Main Roya Tha" and "Baarish". Those songs were released from Artist Aloud Hungama and after the release, "Jaan Main Roya Tha" and “Baarish” touched the audience heart and received so much love from all around the nation. In 2017 they were nominated for the best band category on Artist Aloud Award.

In that same year they released a Bengali Song “Ekushey Paa” and It’s a massive hit in their career. “Ekushey Paa” hit 1lk views on YouTube after release and it’s still counting. After “Ekushey Paa” they gave several hits like “Panchi” , “Teri Meri Kahani” in 2018. Meanwhile drummer “Joydeb” left the band and a new drummer “Ayan” was took his place.

They Next released another Bengali hit in Durga Puja Festival “Pujor Bajna Bajai” in 2019. “Pujor Bajna Bajai’’ reached top 50 in popular digital platform ‘’Gaana’’. They were in top 35 position for 2 weeks. Later “Goutam’’a new member joined the team as a Bass Guitarist and also ‘’Saubhik’’left the management position and it was taken by ‘’Sudipta’’.

Members :-

S Manna - Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar    

Subha - Lead Guitars       

Goutam - Bass Guitar     

Ayan - Drums

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