• The Next Collective
Drummer & composer, Tarun Balani is set out to launch his new group The Next Collective, with their latest song ‘If Only’, a collaboration with well-known vocalists Vasundhara Vee (Adil & Vasundhara) and Chayan Adhikari (Advaita). This new group is an extension of Balani’s previous group and features co-written material, songs and lyrics with artists from India and across the globe.
For this latest song, a love duet, Balani has collaborated and joined forces as songwriters with Vasundhara and Chayan, friendships that go a very long way back to the early 2000s when they played together with Artist Unlimited and Advaita. 
After a critically acclaimed debut record ‘Sacred World’ (2012), and a very well received live record ‘Live at Teatro Bismantova, Italy’ (2014), Balani is determined to deliver yet another fearless, imaginative, and an heartfelt set of music

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