• The Supersonics
The Supersonics are Avinash Chordia on drums, Nitin Mani on bass, Rohan Ganguli on guitars and Ananda Sen on guitars and vocals. 
Avinash Chordia
Prolific, untiring and rock steady, Avinash Chordia is always ready to try out a new groove, play another encore, or take it from top one more time. Avinash’s superb understated work on the skins forms the bedrock of the band’s sound. Behind the strong, silent exterior, Chordia conceals a wicked sense of humour. If you ever catch the band cackling, it’s probably because he’s cracked another joke, most likely at your expense. 
Nitin Mani
Lord of the low end, bass player Nitin Mani is Avinash’s able partner in the rhythm section. In the heat of a live show, when the guitar players are stretching sonic boundaries, Nitin keeps it all grounded with tight grooves and a knowing smile. Fond of exotic basses and puns in (almost) equal measure, Nitin is the kind of bandmate you can put your Mani on.
Rohan Ganguli
Lead guitarist and backing vocalist of The Supersonics, Rohan’s tasty licks and soaring harmonies are among the most recognisable elements of the band’s signature sound. Equally comfortable with blues, progressive rock, punk and rock ’n’ roll, Rohan is a genre-bending craftsman, doing his thing like a true rock star, with an air of nonchalance.  
Ananda Sen
Singer/songwriter and guitar player, Ananda is the band’s driving force and creative powerhouse. A highly meticulous craftsman, Ananda is notoriously difficult to satisfy and manically pushes himself and the band to play, sing, write and arrange better, taking the band’s already formidable abilities to newer levels. It’s a standing joke in the band that all their songs are about Ananda’s various issues. Thankfully, his issues are far from resolved, and fans can rest assured there are plenty more songs where the last ones came from
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