• The Western Ghats
The Western Ghats is rooted in bringing together folk music with modern pop, rock with electronic. The band’s eclectic style is a breath of fresh air, captivating to the new Indian audience due to its versatility. Their style is distinct and experimental and is made up of seasoned musicians from Kappa TV and Coke studio. 
The frontman, Aryaendra, is a 21 year old songwriter from Bombay, who started with putting covers on YouTube and has now produced singles with Nexa artists, including Sam and Shujan. 
Keyboards and production is the forte of Sunil George, who has been on the stage for more than a decade. He has played the instruments for names like Coke Studio, Vijay Prakash, Masala Coffee, Sheldon Bangera and more. Commercially, he has found success collaborating with musicians like Vijay Prakash, Stephen Devassy, Kavita Seth, Ashish Rego, Fazal Qureshi and more, all the while also working as a music producer in Mumbai for more than seven years. 
The Western Ghats bring together youthful vitality, innovation, and experience to create an immersive experience. Their music is rooted in contemporary yet rooted in culture, making their performances truly one of a kind. 

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