• Trap Happy!
Hello,world! :)
We are Trap Happy, from the city of joy, Kolkata. We are essentially full-time doctors, part-time musicians and perennially crazy people who believe in music and its versatility as well as its cathartic qualities.
From ranting out grievances followed by deep introspection to dancing under a starry sky full of possibilities we try to compose our music with what makes it special. Its diversity.  Much like people, our songs are distinctly and deliberately different. 
Our list of inspirations is endless. We don't see ourselves being shackled to one particular genre alone, because where's the fun in that?
From international acts like Porcupine Tree , Mutemath, Jamiroquai, Celine Dion, James Brown, RHCP, Karnivool, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, The Aristocrats, Coldplay, Stevie Wonder, Ed Sheeran, Skyharbor (the list goes on) to Indian outfits like Gingerfeet, Ganesh Talkies, What Escapes Me, Blackstratblues, The Local Train, MOSKO, Pineapple Express among many others - everything that touches us, we unabashedly lay bare in our musical expressions, because we believe that what the world needs right now is the love of what makes us unique individually. 
So buckle up, settle in, grab a cup and close your eyes. Your journey with us awaits.
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