• Twin Strings
Twin Strings is a music-based start-up which was formed by the twin duo Sagar and Sahil in the year 2014. After a short stint in Engineering, they soon realized their passion for music and decided to take it up full time. Eventually joined by Manav as the lead singer and Mohit as a  percussionist, Twin Strings is now a four-piece band which has given performances all across the globe.
The last couple of years has been nothing less than a roller-coaster ride for the band. From taking YouTube by storm with their unique renditions of popular songs to performing with various celebrity artists and touring across the world, they have been successful in making the transition from being amateurs to professional musicians. 
They have received tremendous amounts of love and appreciation and have been published by numerous noteworthy digital media platforms such as Hindustan Times, Bombay Times (TOI), POPxo, Miss Malini etc. 

Sagar : Guitarist | Video Producer 

Sahil : Keyboardist | Music Producer 

Manav : Vocalist | Music Producer 

Mohit Deen : Percussionist | Mixing Engineer

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