• WeMove Theatre Group


WeMove Theatre (WT) was formed with the dreams of achieving new heights of creativity in the field of theatre. WeMove Theatre believes that ‘Theatre should be approachable to all’. WeMove Theatre dreams of creating a ‘Theatre ecosystem’ where Theatre and theatre groups work together for the betterment of theatre as a medium. WeMove has performed 11 productions with 67 shows across Bangalore, Mysore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. WeMove has performed many Corporate shows to companies such as Wipro, IBM, GE, HCG, etc. 
Some of the most important and well know plays of WeMove are Namma Metro, Nannavala Kagada, TP Kailasam Marali ba, Malgudi daze and the most recent one P.S I Dont love you. 
WeMove Theatre has always encouraged and promoted original music for all its theatre productions. 
Music production for WeMove started in 2009 for one of its challenging play called "Malgudi Daze", Since then we have produced original music for 4 of our productions which includes plays in Kannada and English.
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