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Countless are the occasions and many are the people who have sought our reasoning behind the name, ‘Whitesugar’. The thought process is anyone’s guess really. History teaches us that through time and across cultures, White has come to symbolize all that is pure.  Music forever has been that sole drug, the one that elevates us mere mortals to euphoric heights from which, this journey we know as life tastes a whole lot ‘sweeter’. 
Since our early days as a RATM tribute outfit to our compositions, we have always believed that music should possess a higher purpose that is beyond random gigs and album sales. It should be a testimony to our identity and those various hues and sounds that have moulded us as we are.  It should be a salute to those people who have walked before us and changed our lives for the better. It should touch people’s lives even if that touch is ever so light as a feather. This is our Manifesto. This is what we stand for!
JAMES JUDE PETER - vox and turntables
With the refined rawness of his vocals prowess and alluring stage presence, James is the quintessential front man that every band desires and few ever possess.  James's dad is an accomplished violinist who was at the helm of many a musical venture in Kerala and abroad. His eldest brother, George Peter is a renowned vocalist and music director while his second brother Joe Peter fronted the popular band Evergreen .
CLEMENT SAMSON - lead guitar and backing vocal
Hailing from an Anglo Indian family in Pachalam, popularly known as the cradle of western music in Kerala, Clement provides that unrelenting vitality that sets apart Whitesugar's music and lends it an altogether different color. His guitar work speaks of an artist who has drawn from the best of many worlds and distilled it all down to a definitive style that quite simply rocks.
If someone brings an element of sanity to the band, it has to be Nijo. His quiet personality and demeanor is more like the calm that settles in just before the storm, because once Nijo lays his fingers on the bass it is pure unadulterated magic thereon. His classic bass lines are reminiscent of a bygone era yet truly contemporary that it magnifies the intense musicality underlying them. 

One of Whitesugar's founding members along with James; Gilbert Xavier is the driving force that fuels the band forward. A raging thunderstorm behind the kit, Gilbert's unique no frills no nonsense drumming style provides the backbone that perfectly complements Whitesugar's unique brand of music.

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