CONFUZONE - the 4 piece Metal band derived from the mighty Himalayan hill town of Darjeeling, India, influenced n' inspired by the TRUE SPIRIT OF METAL n’ the Genres of Thrash/Death/ Extreme/Indian Oriented METAL.... Blending through all these we sought to bring out our music with X-tremeness n' X-plosion along with the mixture of ethnicity...in order to Encounter n' Resurrect the humankind with the DISASTROUS DEATH XPLOSIONS! of the filthy disgusting realities, mentalities, n' Illusions the mankind has possessed that's breeding filthy infections, Defiling n' ABORTING, THE-TRUTH...BEAUTY...LIVES...CREATIONS Therefore we tag ourselves as Natural Disastrous X-plosive Death METAL! ...FORMED in the year 2013 by the FRONTMAN of the Band, Vishant with some of The fellow music heads sharing the taste of music n’ metal...but things didn't worked out properly, due to several line up changes...henceforth, the band came into an existence in the late of the year 2014...along with the new members....initially THE ZONE started the journey with the National/Regional Band competitions across the country, n also in regional GIGS winning the several reputed competitions, n' earning the strengthening fan base. “GROWING AS THE BAND PROFESSIONALLY n' NURTURING OUR ORIGINALITY till now we have PERFORMED n' HEADLINED in Raising LIVE SHOWS n' the NOW THE ZONE is HEADED FOR THE X-PLOSION n' to out reach THE ZONE- GLOBALLY ...ongoing thru the journey we have WRITTEN a set of OUR ORIGINALS n' WRITING ON n’ ON n’ ON!!!” ...THE ZONE have earned a lot of power packed response through our ORIGINAL LIVE PERFORMANCES across the Country, n' even achieved a lot of Awards During the initial days of the ZONE, now we are on for the Pure Disastrous X-plosions providing 50+ mins of ORIGINAL LIVE SET n' THESE ARE THE SET OF OUR WORK PRODUCTIONS:
  • [2016] Murdering Our Mother (Single) [DIY, GARBAGE PRODUCTION]
  • [2014] Chaotic Fusion (Demo/single) [ DIY, HOME-PRODUCTION
  • [2014] The Evil Buzz (Demo) [DIY, HOME-PRODUCTION]
Basic Genre - [METAL] Death /Thrash/ Himalayan Indian Disastrous Death.
VOCALS - Vishant (Vvicious) Khawas ,
GUITARS - Tarpan Sarki ,
BASS - Jayant Sundas [J.D] ,
DRUMS - Nayan Roka Sarki.
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