• Yohan Marshall

Y The mischief ??!!

     The spanking new 5 piece alt-rock outfit that features some of Mumbai’s meanest indie musicians, the mischief is a culmination of Yohan Marshall’s upcoming album “Your Silence” and a band that delves into Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop and a lot more...

Your Silence._______________________________


Your silence is about reaching out the universe 
and in return, realising what you HAVE.

A huge thanks to 
-Tejas Narayan - ArbidRandon studio where the album has been recorded.
-Aditya arya & Savera Mehta - Songbird studio for recording the vocals for the album.
Musicians on the album

- Yohan Marshall - guitar, drums. vocals & more.
- Savera Mehta & Rachel Varghese - vocals
- Apurv Isaac - electric guitar   
- Harshvardhan Gadhvi - keys
- Homi Rustumji - bass
- Tejas Narayan - several parts.  

A huge thanks also to Amaranta entertainment & Mr. Geoffrey Thomas for producing the album and managing this project.

Thankyou for reading and being here.
Yohan Marshall. 

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